English Speaking Proficiency Course


This course is designed to assist the Level III (Advanced) student in polishing the reading and speaking skills required for professional-level verbal communication in the language of English. Each unit of the resource books contains target vocabulary words and expressions of the advanced level of comprehension. The students’ reading out of the dialogues on a daily basis (Mondays to Thursdays) provides a source of comfortable, directed-speaking that simultaneously hones the speaking skill in general with specific focus on pronunciation and intonation—very crucial aspects of a person’s speaking power no matter what language is being spoken.

It is expected that at least two units of dialogues from the “Choosing Your English” book can be covered in a week, i.e. from Monday to Thursday (additional units have been listed below in the “Course Contents” in the event that times permits a coverage of these during the first six weeks of the course). Likewise is the case regarding the content and use of the book “English Vocabulary In Use-Advanced” for the second six weeks of the course. The free-speaking sessions that are held on Fridays aim at building the student’s confidence and fluency in verbal expression and to enhance immediate-response capability in the target language (during the question-answer portion of the individual presentations and the during rebuttal portion of the debate activities).   

Pre-requisites:  Minimum Matriculation

Objectives – The major objectives of teaching this subject are:

To assist the students in acquiring confidence during directed speaking (reading   

aloud) and when free-speaking in English

  1. To assist the students in enhancing their fluency during directed speaking (reading aloud) and when free-speaking in English
  2. To improve the students’ pronunciation and intonation during directed speaking (reading aloud) and when free-speaking in English
  3. To expand the students’ vocabulary and enhance their knowledge of colloquial/ metaphorical expressions as per occurrence during the directed-speaking reading activities
  4. To provide a forum for the maximum usage of the English language (in spoken form) on a daily basis for the duration of the course (3 months/12 weeks/60 lessons)