Publication Branch
Prof.Dr.Sufiana Khatoon Malik

Its matter of great honour and pleasure for me to serve as Director Publication of well-established and well reputed university. At the moment, publication branch is providing services of designing and printing of material required at by the university. Through collective efforts, we continue to be committed to provide high quality designing and printing services for the university stakeholders. I am ambitious to take up the challenge of enhancing the current status, finding new ways regarding increasing the production of publication branch. So far as publishing services are concerned to take it to the level of excellence.  Writing is the most important medium of conveying communication and conveying ones’ communication of thought in publishing form is a responsible task which publication branch is performing with full responsibility and integrity.  With very dedicated and committed team, we aspire to transform publication branch into a productive “Publishing House” for the university in near future.  In addition, NUML Printing Support Services Center (NPSSC) has been established at publication branch to provide quality printing services for scholarly / academic work, written materials to the students, faculty members, branches and other clients outside the University on competitive rates.  
                                                                                                                                  Prof. Dr. Sufiana Khatoon Malik
                                                                                                                                  Director Publication  


Office Overview


Office Vision


Office Mission
Office objective

1-Provide quality printing services to the main campus and regional campuses of NUML like Exam Answer Sheets, NUML Research Journals, Annual Reports, and Banners etc. of Conference/Workshops and other seminal events of the university
2-Formatting of the documents  like Books, Magazines, Brochures,  Certificates, Newsletters  
3-Designing material for all the events organized by the University (Convocation, Seminars, Workshops, etc.
4-Providing binding facility of material to all the departments/ offices.
5-Provision of office related material to the main campus and regional Campuses of NUML like File Covers, Envelopes, and Letter Pads.
6-Circulation of Exam Answer sheets to main campus and regional campuses of the university
7-Official Photocopy services to the university.






Asif Raza Shah
Assistant Director Publication
Israr Haqqani
Manager Printing Press.
Noshaba Zaman
LDC (Publication Office)
Imran Akhlaq
UDC (Printing Press)
Shahzad Ahmed
Book Binder (Printing Press)
Muhammad Ali
Book Binder (Printing Press)
Asad Rasheed
Machine Man (Printing Press)
Waqas Munir
Machine Helper (Printing Press)
Shoaib Khan
Machine Helper (Printing Press)
Ishfaq Liaqat
Machine Helper (Printing Press)
Asif Iqbal
Naib Qasid (Publication)
Sajid Mehmood
Naib Qasid (Printing Press)


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