English Level B1


This programme is designed to enable students to achieve B1 level of linguistic competencies. It means that after attending and successfully concluding their B1 in English, learners should show the following overall competencies:

  1. To enable learners to cope flexibly with problems in everyday life using English.
  2. To equip learners to enter unprepared into conversation on relatively familiar topics.
  3. To train learners to understand the main points of clear written and aural input on familiar matters regarding work, school, leisure, etc.
  4. To support learners to produce simple connected texts on familiar topics.




S.No Course Code Subject Credit Hours
1 ELTB-013 English for the Workspalce 1 3
2 ELTB-016 Oral Skills 3
3 ELTB-015 Speaking Skills 3
4 ELTB-014 Grammar 3
5 ELTB-011 Pronunciation 2 & Listening Skills 3
6 ELTB-012 Reading and Writing Skills 3