English Level A2


This programme is designed to enable students to achieve A 2 level of linguistic competencies. It means that after attending and successfully concluding their A2 in English, learners should show the following overall competencies:

  1. Functioning in social situations. They should be able to use polite forms of greetings; ask for and give detailed information about general things in their vicinity.
  2. Holding short conversations about general topics.
  3. Making simple transactions at banks, post offices and shops etc.
  4. Obtaining basic information about everyday activities like asking for bus timings and buying tickets at a bus terminal.
  5. Reacting to news and hold simple conversations about them.




S.No Course Code Subject Credit Hours
1 ELTA-026 Oral Skills 3
2 ELTA-025 Speaking Skills 3
3 ELTA-024 Grammar 3
4 ELTA-023 Writing Skills 3
5 ELTA-022 Reading Skills 3
6 ELTA-021 Pronunciation 1 & Listening Skills 3