Diploma in Korean


This course enables the students to acquire the following:-

  1. To understand and implement pronunciation rules while expressing oneself
  2. To understand and use words and phrases correctly in different situations
  3. Being able to communicate in Korean Language at an intermediate level
  4. Being able to read and understand the information or to guide others
  5. Being able to acquire level 2 in TOPIK 1
  6. Develop understanding of Korean culture along with the language
  7. Being able to participate in a discussion group and expressing one’s view points
  8. Being able to deliver a speech in front of the class / gathering



  • Matric or Equivalent
  • Certificate in Korean or Equivalent


S.No Course Code Subject Credit Hours
1 DIKO-011 Korean Language (CC) 3
2 DIKO-012 Korean Culture (CC) 3
3 DIKO-013 Korean Linguistics (CC) 3
4 DIKO-014 Korean Grammar (CC) 3
5 DIKO-015 Korean Conversation (CC) 3
6 DIKO-016 Korean Audition (CC) 3
7 DIKO-017 Theory and practice of Korean translation (CC) 3