Certificate course (Russian Language)


This course has been designed to develop the elementary skills of students in:

  1. Listening: Simple structure for becoming familiar with alphabet, articulation of sounds, correct pronunciation, vowel harmony, including phrases and expression.
  2. Speaking: Simple language with correct pronunciation, intonation and appropriate expression.
  3. Reading: Correct reading for understanding simple text in the language.
  4. Writing: Short paragraphs, situational dialogues and simple composition.


Matric or equivalent 


S.No Course Code Subject Credit Hours
1 CERU-101 Written Comprehension 3
2 CERU-102 Applied Grammar 3
3 CERU-103 Composition & Dictation 3
4 CERU-104 Oral Comprehension 1
5 CERU-105 Reading Comprehension 1
6 CERU-106 Oral Expression 1