Pro Rector Academics Office
Prof. Dr. Aamir Ijaz

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Office Mission

Office objective

1. The Pro-Rector Academics shall provide the leadership for managing all the matters related to Teaching like Effective Course Planning, Inclusive teaching and Effective Assessment as well as continuing education and professional development, especially the quality of teaching, the curricular and extracurricular activities at the University;

2. The Pro-Rector Academics will be responsible for aligning the academic policies in accordance with the international practices and enforcing quality enhancement measures to achieve best academic outcome for the University;

  • Develop Policies and Rules for UG/PG programs and ensure their effective implementation.
  • Monitor implementation of the Academic Regulations and academic decisions of the statutory and regulatory bodies.
  • Process recommendations and proposals submitted by the Faculty Board of Studies through Academic Council.
  • Process cases of Equivalence, Exemptions and Time-Bar Extensions, in accordance with relevant NUML/HEC Rules.
  • Supervise the induction/admission of quality PG scholars through proactive interaction with faculty Deans and the HODs.

3. Pro-Rector Academics shall be supervising the team(s) responsible for academic programs validation, accreditation, improvement and revision over time and shall ensure that different programs of study are of the required academic and quality standards, and are responsive to the national and international market needs;

  • Scrutinize and process the cases of new PG programs for NOC from HEC.
  • Process HEC approved supervisor cases of NUML faculty members and maintain their records
  • Maintain updated Departments-wise record of ongoing and planned UG/PG programs in directorate of Acad and develop/upgrade webpage of UG/PG programs on NUML main website
  • Monitor research progress of PG scholars of all academic programs through quarterly progress reports by respective BASR and guide the HODs regarding the progress, monitoring and feedback of PG scholars.
  • Facilitate PhD admissions (paper setting / moderation, Rector’s Interview, etc).
  • Monitor the planning and conduct of annual Symposium for PhD scholars.
  • Ensure Plagiarism Check in accordance with NUML/HEC Rules at each stage of PhD Thesis evaluation
  • Coordinate the Final PhD Thesis Defense by respective departments and monitor its follow up for timely assessment reports from the examiners.

4. Pro-Rector Academics shall be the Chairperson of committees and authorities as may be prescribed or appointed by the Rector from time to time.

Prof. Dr. Aamir Ijaz
Pro Rector Academics
Mr. Faisal Abbas
Mr. Muhammad Hamza
Ms. Sahar Riaz
Research Associate


Location: Main Building, Jinnah Block


Morning:  08:00:00-14:00:00

Evening:  15:30:00-18:30:00


Phone:  +92-51-9265100 Ext. 1004


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