English Declamation Contest

Topics for English Declamation Contest to be held on Dec. 03, 2020
All Students of all NUML departments are encouraged to participate. After initial trials, students will be selected for final contest on Dec. 03, 2020.

Nominations must reached to English FC Department by Nov. 24, 2020.


Topics of the Declamation Contest

  1. Covid-19 – The New Normal?
  2. The impact and role of mass media during the Pandemic
  3. Benefits of zero lifestyle
  4. Covid-19 and the growth mindset
  5. I may disagree with you, but I will defend to death your right to say it.
  6. A nation in debt is a nation enslaved.
  7. We only celebrate our Heroes, not She-roes.
  8. Loyalty to the country is not the loyalty to government.
  9. Pakistan: a promise that was never fulfilled
  10. When power comes in your voice, your actions crave for authority.
  11. Consumerism: humanity’s final plague
  12. Radical feminism has done more harm than good
  13. In the time of globalization, nationalism is a plague
  14. If you can’t walk, crawl
  15. Actual women freedom is in educational institutes, not on roads.