In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious and Infinitely Merciful

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the National University of Modern Languages, a top-tier university in Pakistan which offers degrees across a broad range of disciplines and programs. From its modest inception in 1969 as a language institute, NUML has developed into one of the most eminent universities of Pakistan offering degrees not just in languages but also in other disciplines ranging from engineering and computer sciences to management and social sciences. Today, NUML stands out by its commitment to academic excellence, entrepreneurial spirit, diversity, vibrancy and creative innovation. Therefore, it is a matter of unique privilege for me to be associated with this great institution that is playing an active role in spreading the light of knowledge while keeping in sharp focus the contemporary challenges and opportunities. With this conviction, NUML aspires to be the place where the very presence of a student develops into a testimony of continual learning, thinking, communicating, cooperating, serving, believing, and constructing. Our students are part of a close-knit community that will support them from day one and help them achieve their vision and realize their dreams and fulfil their parental hopes. We provide a premier and transformative learning experience to our students and, through a process that includes exploration and professional preparation, we connect them with the career paths and foster the skills and mindsets needed for academic and professional excellence. Once you graduate from NUML, we want you to have not just a degree but also a clear career direction and the confidence needed for success in your chosen field.

Along with widening the intellectual horizons and deepening the universal understanding, we are also mindful of the ultimate goal of all education: helping humans in self-actualizing their personality in order to turn their promises and talents into innumerable fulfilments. Therefore, along with academic and professional competence, we remain unswervingly committed to inculcating in our students essential personal integrity, self-discipline, empathy, humanistic outlook, and a deep sense of moral rectitude.

I encourage you to visit us and learn more about the opportunities that await you at the National University of Modern Languages. May Allah help and bless you. 

With gratitude to you all,

Maj. Gen Muhammad Jaffar (Retd) (Hilal e Imtiaz Military) has a distinguished and prolific academic and professional career spanning about four decades. He was commissioned in an Infantry Regiment. He holds a Master Degree in War Studies from Quaid -e-Azam university Islamabad and a Master Degree in Strategic Studies from Deakin University Australia. He also got a Diploma in Defense Studies from Centre for Defense and Strategic Studies, Canberra Australia and a Diploma in Advanced Security Studies from Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies, USA. He had a Diploma in French Language from National University of Modern Languages Islamabad (the then NIML) in 1990.

The General has vast and varied professional experience to his credit which includes various instructional and administrative key positions such as Battalion Commander at Pakistan Military Academy, Chief of Staff of a Corps, General Officer Commander of an Infantry Division, and Commandant School of Infantry and Tactics Quetta, Commander Logistic Areas Rawalpindi. He also held a faculty position at National Defence University Islamabad.

On July 10, 2019, he assumed his responsibilities as Rector National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad.