Regional Director Message

Brig Asad Raza (R)

As Regional Director Multan Campus, it is my strong desire to see this campus flourishing and students attaining excellent standard of knowledge to become useful citizen of country and contribute positively to the society. I expect that faculty members and students will always keep honesty, integrity and truthfulness infront of all their endeavors. Multan Campus, in fact, is attaining a reputation for excellence in research and teaching in Multan region. I am extremely lucky to have a well learned and experienced faculty members in this campus who are truly contributing towards the image building of this campus. It gives me immense pleasure to congratulate all faculty members and the students of the National University of Modern Languages Multan Campus for the various academic pursuits grounded in our core mission of quality education. The Campus, through different phases, has made tremendous progress, but the Campus` brightest days still lie ahead. I am confident that this Campus will continue striving, with a missionary zeal, for a greater role in spreading quality education in the region and act as facilitator for socio-economic development of country.