Welcome to Department of Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) classes commenced in NUML, Multan in Sept 2021. The Faculty of Engineering and CS (FE, CS) was established in October 2008 at NUML Islamabad Campus. It is the youngest but most dynamic faculty in the university. Offering state of the art education in the most advanced fields of the world. The department has ... Read more


The present era belongs to IT. We are well aware of the rapid developments in this ever advancing field. We ensure and facilitate our students to get best education in this field. Good and energetic faculty is the corner stone of our program. Our curriculum has been designed as per the national and international needs of the time. Clas ... Read more


To impart state of the art IT education meeting national and international standards.

To enhance the critical thinking of the students to solve technical and intelluctual problems.

To make them emotionally and mentally strong to meet the challenges of the IT world.

To polish and groom their programming ski ... Read more


  •   Room: HoD IT office, Room no. 41, 1st floor
  •   Tel: 061-9330460
  •   Email: hodmtn-it@numl.edu.pk