Car Safety and Monitoring System

23 Feb, 2021
Description of Project:

As the vehicle stolen cases are increasing day by day and transportation is increasing, the manufacturing companies need to provide the necessary security to the vehicles and live up to customer’s expectations. The equipment that is available in the market is not that capable of advanced security and cannot be used for real-time monitoring of the car.

This project “Car Safety and Monitoring system” provides the safety and monitoring of the vehicle in real-time. This system has a Global Positioning System (GPS) module, which provides the location of the car in real-time. The Internet Protocol (IP) camera provides feedback to android application. The ultrasonic sensor determines the safe distance of the car and will generate an alert in case of reaching the safe limit. Force Sensitive Resistor (FSR) works in case the vehicle experience a heavy shock. All the information is forwarded by the Arduino using Node Microcontroller Unit (MCU) to an android application on a smartphone. The user can monitor the safety of the car remotely. The GPS location, camera images/videos, safe distance, and shock-sensor data are available on the smartphone. All this information is transferred to the smartphone by using Wi-Fi technology.

This system works precisely in conjunction with the android application. The system is tested successfully and can be implemented on a real vehicle with additional wiring. All the sensors are fully programmed and tested. Additional improvements can be made to make it more efficient such as installing a Temperature sensor for monitoring the vehicle's engine temperature. This system is useful to monitor any type of vehicle.