Remote Access to Multiple Controllers (RAMC)

23 Feb, 2021
Description of Project:

Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized the applications of sensor networks by increasing the distance of remote connectivity. IoT has many practical applications in various sectors like healthcare, industrial automation, security, and agriculture, etc. In almost all applications, the requirement of configuration update and in some cases gathering data requires frequent visits to field units which cost money and time.

Remote Access to Multiples Controllers (RAMC) is an integrated smart wireless controller that can be used remotely to change the configuration of deployed field units (controllers and sensors) and for monitoring their data. The system consists of two parts: the main controller and the field unit. The main controller has an Arduino based transceiver connected to the workstation via USB interface. The field unit comprises of application sensors and a secondary controller.

The main controller can connect to field units via three wireless technologies: Bluetooth, Lo-Ra WAN, and Wi-Fi (for internet connectivity), thus adding reliability. The main controller can connect up to multiple field controllers regardless of their application area. Additionally, any sensor or device connected to field controllers can be switched ON/OFF remotely. The prototype can be connected to three field units, however, these nodes are scalable