Voice Controlled IoT based Home Automation System

23 Feb, 2021
Description of Project:

Home automation is a growing industry worldwide, where many solutions are coming to improve the quality of life through convenience as well as reduction in bills.  Most of the currently available home automation systems like Google Home and Alexa Home are expensive as they require supportive appliances, thus users have to buy these costly appliances while using such systems.

Voice Controlled IoT based Home Automation is an integrated system with smart-phone based android application which is designed specially to facilitate handicapped and disabled person. Voice Controlled Home Automation System is controlled through voice and manual commands using android application. For voice control, the services of Google i.e. Google Assistant is used which is linked with the system using IFTTT (If This Then That) platform. The system controls home appliances (including Geyser, Fan, lights, etc.) through an Android application running on any android supported device by using voice commands and buttons on android app, making it suitable for handicap users. The system has one master controller and two slave controllers: type one controller (Smart Switch) and type two controller (Smart Electric Geyser). Master controller is designed to control the secondary controllers (type one controller and type two controller) by using RF communication on one side, and on the other side it is connected to android application using firebase cloud via internet. The type one controller is used to switch ON or switch OFF the electrical appliances connected to the switch board. On the other hand, type two controller is used to control and monitor electric geyser. Additionally, the timer option and temperature option is also incorporated to the geyser control, through which user can select a particular time interval or specific temperature for switching ON a geyser.

For the better performance, the whole system is tested carefully to control and monitor the appliances by voice, buttons on application and by using manual traditional switches in case of unavailability of internet. Current sensor used in the system gives the confirmation feedback to the user on android application of the current state of appliances (i.e. ON or OFF). The results obtained by using voice controlled feature as well as button control feature are acceptable with great accuracy level. The whole system is useful for controlling and monitoring of home appliances and is helpful solution for handicapped person as they can easily control their appliances by using their voice