Voice Controlled SmartWheel Chair

23 Feb, 2021
Description of Project:

Voice Controlled Smart Wheel Chair is designed for disable persons. Patients usually face difficulties while operating wheelchairs especially when they are handicapped. These difficulties have been removed with a voice controlled smart wheelchair. The wheelchair is based on android device, Bluetooth module, Arduino, and gear motors. It operates with preprogrammed voice commands using android application. The wheel chair helps the disable persons to overcome dependency and gives freedom of movement.

The wheel chair operates on three wheels structure with one sitting capacity up to 80 Kg. Geared motors are connected to rear wheels which control the movement of wheel chair. The single front wheel of the chair facilitates the sharp turning to left or right. The chair is controlled through Arduino connected with a Bluetooth module. The voice input commands are fed to the android device for recognition and the information is forwarded to Arduino via Bluetooth for the execution. The smart wheel chair functions on different commands such as Left, Right, Start, Stop, Turnoff, Power on, Forward and Reverse etc.

The experimental results give an accuracy of voice command recognition up to 95% during indoor operation and 80% in outdoor and noisy environments. A joystick may also be used to control the wheelchair if required.