Breath Analyzer Based on IoT

23 Feb, 2021
Description of Project:

The IoT based breath analyzer is a portable device which is designed to examine the contents of the exhaled breath for health care. It measures the concentration of different gases, alcohol, humidity and temperature of the breath. The measured data is compared with the standard values to predict a possible cause of a health disorder.

The device consists of a system box with a breathing pipe attached to it. The user exhales breath through the pipe. The system consists of a microcontroller board with different types of sensors. The sensors provide the information/data about the concentration level of alcohol, smoke, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, oxygen, humidity and temperature of   exhaled breath. The sensed data of exhaled breath is analyzed and compared with the standard values of a healthy person. The result is displayed on LCD panel of the device. The data is available at laptop and mobile application through Wi-Fi for possible disease prediction and its   remedial measures.

The system is tested with breath samples of different persons. The measured values of different gases, temperature and humidity levels of breath samples of each person are obtained with reasonable precision. The system efficiently estimates the breath contents and is useful for traffic police to determine the state of drunk drivers if any.