Smart Green House Control And Monitoring System

23 Feb, 2021
Description of Project:

Smart Greenhouse Control and Monitoring system automatically controls and monitors the environment of a green house. The system is controlled and monitored automatically or trough IoT by a smart phone. It reduces the human effort in monitoring and offers longer growing season. The control and monitoring is available locally and through IoT on a smart phone.

The system consists of a glass model of a greenhouse with microcontroller board and temperature, humidity, light, moisture sensors and Wi-Fi module attached. Based on the information of these sensors the microcontroller automatically controls the environment of greenhouse. For the environmental control a fan, bulb and automatic watering mechanism is present. For a high temperature a fan is turned on and for a low temperature a heater is turned on. The plants are automatically watered in the case of low moisture levels. The values of these environmental parameters are displayed on a LCD and are also transferred to smart phone via Wi-Fi module. A smart phone user can view them and can control the watering of plants remotely.  The system facilitates the greenhouse to be watered automatically. The automatic temperature control also helps in growing even in cold climates. It can be used by farmers to set a favorable environment for a particular plant/crop and monitor it from anywhere.