Smart Water Quality Monitoring System

23 Feb, 2021
Description of Project:

An IoT based “Smart Water Quality Monitoring System” monitors the quality of water in real-time. The system measures the water quality parameters such as turbidity, pH, temperature, oxygen and water level. It displays the graphical form of data on laptop and generates textual information which is received on an android based smart phone through Wi-Fi.

The system consists of various types of sensors such as turbidity, pH, temperature, oxygen and water level with a Raspberry-Pi Microcontroller. The water quality information is extracted through the sensors from the water tank. The raspberry pi microcontroller receives information from the sensors and display it on the LCD panel of the system. The complete information is forwarded to a personal computer or a smart phone by using Wi-Fi technology. The user also has the real time information in graphical form regarding water quality.

The system is thoroughly tested to monitor temperature, pH, Oxygen, turbidity and water level of different quality of water storage. The obtained results are satisfactory and with reasonable level of accuracy. The system is useful for household water tanks and may be installed at homes to address the health problems.