Shrimp Rover Robot

23 Feb, 2021
Description of Project:

Shrimp rover robot is an intelligent device that can climb over different types and sizes of obstacles including uneven surface and stairs. It is a six-wheeled vehicle with six gear motors, a robotic arm, one IP Camera and Arduino microcontroller. Four gear motors are mounted on four independent wheels and two on a back wheel which are fixed to the body. A robotic arm is attached at front of the vehicle which can pick and drop an object at different places with the help of the camera. The robot is wirelessly controlled within a range of 100-150m through Arduino microcontroller. The shrimp rover robot moves forward, backward, right, left and stops according to the commands received.

The system is divided into four units, six wheeled rover robot acting as ground station unit, robotic arm control unit, video transmission unit and wireless control unit. The ground station consists of Arduino UNO microcontroller, motor driving circuits, batteries, six DC gear motors and four servo motors. The complete assembly is mounted on the movable body of six wheeled robot. A wireless control unit consists of a remote control which is designed using RF transceiver and Arduino UNO microcontroller. It is used to control the robot at a distance of about 100-150m. The Arduino UNO mounted on robot’s body, receives commands through wireless control unit. The robotic arm picks and drops object at desired location with the help of IP camera. The robot operates, moves in desired direction and perform activities with the arm according to the command received.

Shrimp rover robot can be used in factories for shifting of things and for surveillance purpose to guard an area. The shrimp rover robot can access places unreachable by a human e.g. in an earthquake disaster.  It can climb over a demolished building. The six-wheeled body helps the robot to move in any direction and can climb stairs.