Internet of Things based Unmanned Ground Vehicle

23 Feb, 2021
Description of Project:

An Internet of Things based unmanned ground vehicle is an intelligent vehicle which provides visual information of places on demand. It is a self contained system that can be controlled remotely from anywhere over the internet as well as on Local Area Network. It is equipped with on board battery, camera, Raspberry Pi board, Global Positioning System module, motor driver circuit, DC gear motors and servo motors. The video interface is made by using HTML and shell scripts .The web server provides Graphical User Interface to control movement of camera and vehicle positions. It also streams real time video and also captures photos. It is also able to track GPS coordinates of vehicle.


The commands are sent over internet using TCP/UDP protocols which in exchange executes shell scripts in Raspberry Pi and control vehicle on demand. It has vast applications and can be used for surveillance ,capturing wildlife photographs and sending alarming signals in case of natural disasters.

The system is completely experienced at diverse location and achieved the besieged objectives. Therefore a smart and self-relying machine has been developed with auto routing which finds its application in area surveillance, surveying and rescue operations.