Smart Prepaid Energy Meter SPEM

23 Feb, 2021
Description of Project:

This thesis presents a Smart Prepaid Energy Meter (SPEM). It is an intelligent energy meter and uses Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) technology. It consists of two modules, E-billing and Home appliances control. The E-billing module allows user to pay the electricity bill by sending a message to the electric supplier company using the GSM technology.

 This module also provides remote access to meter reading to the user and the electric supplier company, and produces low balance alert to the user. The home appliances control module automatically and remotely controls the home appliance in case of low balance.For this purpose, each appliance is assigned a priority, based on such priorities Arduino automatically turns ON or OFF the appliances.

 In addition user can turn any desired appliance ON or OFF, remotely by sending message to Arduino via GSM, which supersedes the already stored priorities in the module. The objective is to overcome the prevailing energy crisis in Pakistan by efficiently utilizing the available electrical energy and to improve the energy meter reading and the billing systems.