Data and Voice Transmission over Power lines

23 Feb, 2021
Description of Project:

Data and Voice Communication over Power Lines allows transmission and reception of data and voice through the already installed electrical cables using different frequency modulation techniques. It fulfills the growing demand for data communication and also reduces the cost of deploying new communication network.

The designed system consists of transmitter and receiver modules. The data transmitter modulates the data at 135 KHz using FSK modulation technique. The voice transmitter transmits the voice at 455 KHz and uses FM modulation technique. The amplified modulated signal is superimposed on a 50 Hz AC power line with suitable electrical isolation. The receiver receives the audio or data streams after passing through specific de-modulation technique.

The system has been tested for noise and error free voice and data communication. It is also tested for different distances between the transmitter and the receiver. The system works satisfactorily at a distance of 100m. The present range for voice communication is less due to noise and interference in the power lines. The results are very much consistent with the expected values and the proposed system is very cost effective.