Detection and Sorting of fruits on conveyor belt using image processing

23 Feb, 2021
Description of Project:

Traditionally fruit sorting is performed manually by visual inspection. The process is slow and prone to errors. The detection and sorting system is an automated system which overcomes the problems of manual sorting. The system sorts fruits according to their shape, size and color using image processing techniques.

The system has been developed using an Arduino microcontroller and MATLAB for image processing. The fruits are placed on conveyor belt which is driven by a DC motor, interfaced with microcontroller. The infrared sensors installed on both sides of the conveyor belt detect the presence of fruit. The image of the fruit is taken with the help of a camera installed at baseboard. The captured image is processed, analyzed and recognized through comparison to the stored data of standard images and decision is taken accordingly to select or reject the fruit.

The system has been tested for different types and sizes of fruits. The system worked satisfactorily and produced enviable results. It effectively and efficiently segregated different fruits according to the desired specification.