Duration: 4 Year(s)

BS Computer Science (BSCS)

  Both   8 Semesters   138 Cr. Hrs.

Bachelors of Science in Computer Science - BS(CS) is a 4 year program, that lays strong foundation of the students in following subjects:

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Duration: 2-4 Year(s)

MS Computer Science (MS-CS)

  Both   4 Semesters   24-credits for Coursework and 6-credits for Thesis Research Cr. Hrs.

Masters of Science in Computer Science - MS(CS) program further enhances the knowledge base of the students in the following streams: 1. Communication Networks 2. Software System and Engineering 3. Database Systems 4. Artificial Intelligence and Multimedia Systems 5. Network Security Core Courses: Sr#                           Cour...

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Duration: 3 years Year(s)

PhD Computer Science (PhD-CS)

  Evening   6 Semesters   18-credits for Coursework and 36-credits for Thesis Research Cr. Hrs.

Doctor of Science in Computer Science - PhD(CS) program is now being offered with the following details: Core Couses:     Sr. No Course Title Nature 1 Research Trends in Computer Science Core 2 Research Methodology Core

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Duration: 4 years Year(s)

BS Artificial Intelligence (BS AI)

  Morning   8 Semesters   136 Cr. Hrs.


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