Artificial Intelligence Research Group

The research group focuses on the R&D of the cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, primarily for computer vision and natural language processing. These algorithms have improved computer vision, especially for recognition and tracking. It offers effective methods for data acquisition, image processing, and object focus which are used in computer vision. This group will also be covering the machine learning algorithms for NLP and text analytics, which involves a set of statistical techniques for identifying parts of speech, entities, sentiment, and other aspects of the text. Machine learning for NLP helps data analysts turn unstructured text into usable data and insights.

Some of the available research topics will be: Computer-aided diagnostic (CAD) systems, Object detection, and motion analysis, NLP based intelligent systems, etc. However, the research group is not only limited to these. 

Name of Faculty Role
Zainab Yousaf            Research Chair
Sadia Ashraf              Team Member
Hina Ali                      Team Member
Zainab Malik              Team Member
Imran Ahsan              Team Member
Iqra chaudhary          Team Member
Abdul Kaleem                                       Team Member
Asim Rehan               Team Member
Anab Batool Kazmi    Team Member
Zain Ul Abideen         Team Member