Welcome to Bureau of Translation and Interpretation Office


The Department of Translation and Interpretation offers a unique set of services that ranges from academic to professional, i.e. apart from providing high-quality translation services to our clients, we also offer a BS program. With its highly qualified faculty and state-of-the-art facilities, the Department of Translation and Interpretation is committed to excellence in meeting national and global challenges of interlingual and intercultural communication.  


Affirming the centrality of translation in our shared existence and its key role in all the intercultural, professional and academic encounters, the Department of Translation and Interpretation will continue to strive to have a transformative impact on society through teaching, innovation and research.


The Department of Translation and Interpretation is committed to providing state-of-the-art and internationally competitive education in the field of translation and interpretation. The Department values its role as a flag-bearer of translation and interpretation pedagogy in Pakistan embracing local as well as global changes and responding to complex intercultural and multilingual challenges. Providing qualified and highly skilled leadership as well as workforce in interlingual mediational zones remains one of the foremost concerns of the Department which remains dedicated to creating a challenging and supportive environment where students could accomplish their educational, personal and professional goals. 


  • To train students to work in multilingual settings as professional translators and interpreters. To make students understand the interplay of source text and target text.
  • To develop a considerably sound and proficient command of translation and interpretation.
  • To cultivate a general linguistic and communicative competence among the students.
  • To enable students to integrate their professional education and experience with the larger problems of the professional translators and interpreters.
  • To provide excellent and affordable translation and interpretation services to both the public sector and the private sector.