NUML Journal of Critical Inquiry (JCI)

ISSN: 2789-4665
Print: 2222-5706


NUML Journal of Critical Inquiry (NUML JCI) aims to connect different paradigms of research while overcoming restrictions that impact freedom and creativity. With the diffused boundaries of research, our journal aspires for a uniqueness to explore untrodden territories. Our journal encourages the researchers to peer deeper into our social, cognitive, and scientific systems than ever before. Novelty in research and dynamic approach in exploring areas of interest have always been a forte of potentially creative researchers, but none has witnessed a riper time before. Our journal seeks to combine human cognition with interactive environment and motivational stimuli in order to bear sufficient impetus to bring forth newer insights into areas of everyday familiarity.  


NUML Journal of Critical Inquiry (NUML JCI) (P ISSN: 2222-5706 E ISSN: 2789-4665) is an HEC recognized biannual peer-reviewed journal which strictly follows double blind peer review process and shows zero tolerance for work which is not original. At the same time, it encourages and welcomes such novelty, originality, and motivational contribution that can set new trends and establish new norms. The journal aims to be a trend setter in multidisciplinary research fields. We believe in facilitation, quality and striving for excellence.