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In this world of immense mobility, information technology, multicultural societies, and digital humanities, the research trends are changing fast with an emphasis on multidisciplinarity. Postcolonialism might not be on the wane, but (now) it prefers to take on board the environmental ethics, inter alia. Likewise, while Posthumanism celebrates the decentralization of man, the foregrounding of the nonhuman commands an equal attention of the researchers. These vital changes in the contemporary worldview have made all research pluricentric and interdisciplinary to the core. The boundaries of genres are no more distinct and singular events are brought into focus without much room to spare for grand narratives. In these conditions, philosophical and empirical domains have also given rise to a complex interplay of ideas. As a result, there is constant merger and fusion of the known and hitherto unknown, challenging the dominant, shifting the peripheral, and zeroing in on the implicit. Desire to connect with others and glean novelty have lead restrictions to give way to freedom and creativity. The researchers now peer deeper into our social, cognitive, and scientific systems than ever before.  Novelty in research and dynamic approach in exploring areas of interest have always been a forte of potentially creative researchers, but none has witnessed a riper time for innovation. 

NUML Journal of Critical Inquiry (e ISSN 2789-4665 p ISSN 2222-5706) is alive to the latest trends in critical scholarship and provides a platform to potential researchers and scholars to break new grounds in critical thinking. NUML JCI is an HEC recognized biannual peer-reviewed journal which strictly follows triple blind peer review process and has zero tolerance for work which is not original.  At the same time, it encourages and welcomes novelty and originality that may set new trends and establish new norms. If you claim to be an original researcher and want to be a trend setter, send your critical writings and essays to us. We believe in promoting quality and striving for excellence.

As per NUML JCI’s publishing policy, papers that have been in conference proceedings or published elsewhere are not accepted. In case a paper is based on a dissertation, the contributor must provide all relevant details against which the submission maybe validated. NUML JCI publishes papers related to the areas of Language, Literature, Linguistics and Education. The journal also accepts Book Reviews in the specified areas. Kindly make your submissions at  & or contact:


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Contributions for December 2021 issue of NUML Journal of Critical Inquiry open now. The closing date for submissions is 30th October 2021.  All submissions must follow guidelines specified on the website of NUML JCI and available at Kindly make your submissions at