Welcome To Department of Russian

HOD Message

Dr Asma Naveed

Welcome to the Department of Russian Language! The ambiance of our dynamic department provides  you with a very friendly and conducive environment for learning a language that is spoken by over 300 million people all over the world.

We not only just teach you to speak a new language; we immerse our students in Russian culture. As a student in our programme, you will come to understand Russia’s culture and society and the life experiences of its people. For this we have highly qualified Pakistani faculty and native speakers who give individual attention to each and every student.  Small size of class ensures individual attention and enhanced student-teacher interaction.

The Department supplies a systematic education in Russian grammar starting from the very basics to advanced levels and develops skills in reading, writing and speaking as well.

Highly effective language instruction develops a practical skill useful to students seeking admission in universities of Russian Federation or countries from CIS and for careers in various other fields.

As you know that understanding of another language and culture is a key to interacting in a culturally diverse world; broadening views about the linguistic and cultural diversities and similarities between one’s own and the target language and thus lowering the barriers and biases.

Come visit us and study the beautiful language of Pushkin, Lermontov and  Tolstoy.



The Department of Russian Language is among the oldest of the departments of this institution.

It was established in 1971 and its primary purpose was to cater to the professional and official requirements of the Armed Forces personnel and officials of various government agencies/departments. Civilians have also been enrolled in different courses, and since Spring  2017, after introducing Russian as compulsory language for BS (English), number of students has increased substantially.

Till 1990, on the basis of the cultural exchange programme between the two governments of Pakistan & USSR, the faculty mostly consisted of Soviet nationals sent by the Soviet government for a 2 year duration.

Since 1991 to date the Department has Pakistani faculty members or the Russians and nationals of CIS countries who are residing in Pakistan.

Courses of other languages from CIS countries like Kazakh, Kyrgyz and Turkmen are run on as and when required basis.

Courses of Uzbek languages are being run regularly since 2008.

The Department of Russian Language also provides translation & Interpretation services.

Our Vision

To provide quality language coaching to our students in order to make them reach, at beginning and advanced stages, a proficiency level  that will allow them to function in real-life situations in the target language.

Our Mission

The Department of Russian Language provides students the opportunity to gain knowledge of the culture, literature, structure, and vocabulary of the Russian language. The department seeks to impart basic and advanced command of the written and spoken language along with the general communicative skills. The department fulfills a service mission through offering the said language for students who must meet the foreign language requirement, for students interested in language study for intellectual and cultural enhancement, and for students for whom knowledge of Russian language and culture is a valuable professional tool. The Department strives to broaden the students' views about the linguistic and cultural diversities and similarities between their and the target language and thus hopes to lower the barriers and biases.