Dr Imad Ud Din Akbar

When we talk about success in life, especially in the business sector, leadership is both inherent and indispensable. That means, people must embody a certain type of competence and character. Department of Management Sciences at Lahore Campus cultivates both competence that comes from managerial perspective and the character to understand the difference between being self-interested and self-centered. Our facultys interventions not only go far beyond knowing that its not right to cheat or steal but also involve recognizing that you are a true leader only when you have earned the trust of others, and when others, whether in your organizations or your communities, recognize you as such.

Alhamdolillah, Management Sciences Department has distinguished itself through quality teaching and learning practices. In line with the vision provided by the main campus, we are committed to raising the standards of business and management education keeping in view the local as well as the global perspectives. We maintain a sharp focus on the holistic grooming of the future leaders and executives by enabling them to improve the governance and management of organizations and business networks. Students are made to work responsibly, ethically and exhibit high ethical values and to develop a character that fits to become a perfect business leader.

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