Welcome to Software Engineering

The department of Software engineering focuses on imparting knowledge to its students that makes them productive for the industry and research by translating concepts into applications and problems to solutions. It also focuses on providing a diverse learning environment to inculcate essential skills and to provide professional grooming for long ... Read more


To impart state of the art software engineering education meeting national and international standards and enable the graduates to work independently displaying good ethical and moral values.


The department of software engineering aims to graduate students with innovative research skills that enable them to effectively participate in industrial and societal development. It aspires to motivate young software engineers to grow as highly skilled professionals with inspiring knowledge of current trends of software engineering. The depart ... Read more


  •   Room: HoD CS Office, 1st floor, room no 51,
  •   Tel: 061-9330460
  •   Email: hodmtn-cs@numl.edu.pk