It is a matter of great pleasure for me to welcome you to the Department of Economics. The students in all degree courses are well trained in both theoretical and applied components of economics, with special emphases given in enhancing their research skills. The entire faculty at the department adheres to high values of professionalism, integrity, teamwork, commitment, merit, hard work, and more importantly the collective social responsibility. In the changing scenario of instruction technology, the constructive theory of learning has become the mainstay of the teaching-learning process. For this reason, the emphasis in our department is to help the students to develop strong analytical and other skills and acquire the ability to critically assess economic arguments, which help to strengthen the link between university and industry in this era of evolving technology. Our motto is that students of this department must be able to compete with all the countries of South Asia at least as we follow the HEC standardized syllabus and other terms and conditions in all the programs. The department is now crowning its path in important areas of economics research. I see the bright future of the Department and wish the NUML great success in the times to come. The increasing strength of the students in the entire program is evident from the accelerated growth of the department

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