Welcome To Department of South Asian Languages

HOD Message

Mrs Shahin Zafar

The very motto of South Asian Languages Department is to provide quality education with excellent teaching and learning skills. The department has the privilege of having a harmonious and rich values which have played pivotal role in shaping the future of students and department is committed to provide quality of education to achieve academic excellence.


Department of South Asian Languages was established in 1973 and its primary purpose is to cater to the professional and official requirements of the Armed Forces personnel and officials of various government agencies/departments. 

Department is offering different functional and regular courses with quality education programmers and it facilitates for intensive study in Hindi, Bangla and Bahasa Indonesia Languages and Literature. Its functional aspects include translation, comparative studies, various contemporary discourses etc.

Faculty members of the department have designed and floated courses on contemporary relevance and emerging areas which are offered functional and regular courses. The aim is to develop the skills of the students for their career development. Department is adopting innovative practices in teaching, learning and evaluation process. We give much importance in developing the Academic and Communicative skill of students in Hindi, Bangla and Bahasa Indonesia Languages.

Our Vision

To develop a positive outlook towards Hindi, Bangla and Bahasa Indonesia Languages among the students and familiarize them with the various modern trends in Literature. The core purpose is to develop the Language Proficiency and Communication Skill of the students in Hindi, Bangla and Bahasa Indonesia Languages and also provide the basic and general information about these languages which inculcate interest among students in the study of Literature, along with academic excellence.

Our Mission

To develop the ability to use the language effectively for the purpose of practical communication and to make them think and express ideas, sentiments in the language. Our mission is to improve student's reading and writing skill and enhance their ability to communicate effectively and acquire the pronunciation of native speaker by means of spoken Hindi, Bangla and Bahasa Indonesia Languages.

The main aim is to enhance the numerical gap of higher education for the youth of the region, Enrich the quality and standard of teaching and to strengthen student’s ability to analyze, interpret and evaluate all forms of literary expression