Schedule for "2020 Imagine Cup" 'Regional Finals' in Pakistan

This is the schedule for NUML team from CS Department to participate in the 'Regional Cup Finals':

Call of Action:

  1. All teams need to confirm their attendance by emailing at with their team name, university name and the location they will be joining at.
  3. Please do some research on elevator pitches to understand how to prepare for your THREE MINUTES elevator pitch which is going to be phase 1 for every team at each regional final. Successful teams will proceed to phase 2 where you will be presenting in front of a panel of judges and will be given FIVE MINUTES only to present and five minutes will be for the judges to ask questions.

Date for Regional Finals: 13th and 14th January, 2020.

Venue: Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology, Islamabad.

Competitor names are listed below:



DSC NUML Team Recruitment

Arsalan Dilawar, is a student of (BS) Computer Science from NUML, Islamabad. He is currently in his 5th semester. He is the first student from NUML, who has become a DSC Lead for NUML. As a DSC Lead, he will help to bridge the gap between academia and industry.
What's even more exciting is, he has also become a GitHub Campus Expert. He is first from Numl and third from Pakistan to be selected as a GitHub Campus Expert.
A Campus Expert is a student trained to build a strong technical community, on campus. As well as training, Campus Experts have access to resources and support from GitHub, such as swag, sponsorship, and the opportunity to attend events like GitHub Universe.
Moreover, Arsalan was also selected for the first batch of MLH Fellowship, where his job was to contribute to open-source projects which are used by thousands of developers.
DSC Numl Recruitment:
Developer Student Clubs are university-based community groups for students interested in Google developer technologies. Students from all undergraduate or graduate programs with an interest in growing as a developer are welcome. By joining a DSC, students grow their knowledge in a peer-to-peer learning environment and build solutions for local businesses and their community. 

If you are interested in joining a Developer Student Club, you can fill out the application form for DSC NUML.

Why join?
By joining this community, you will get a chance to:

        ->Network and Communicate with community experts and industry leads

        ->Free Swags from Google

        ->Official Certificate by Google 

Application Link:



Research field/Research group

Pure Mathematics and its Applications
•    Fuzzy algebra and their algebraic structures
•    Soft set theory and soft experts set theory
•    Aggregation operators on fuzzy algebra
•    Aggregation operators on soft expert structures and their applications in decision making
•    On Crossroads of Graph Theory and Chemistry
•    Data Compression techniques using Coding Theory
•    Algorithm Complexity and Computational Algebra
•    Role of Commutative Algebra in Computer Security and Cryptography

Computational Mathematics and its Applications
•    Exact solution of nonlinear evolution problems arising in mathematical physics
•    Numerical study of fractional-order physical problems
•    Extension and Development of spectral methods
•    Mathematical modelling through fractional calculus
•    Development of Iterative Techniques for solving nonlinear Equations
•    Applications of approximation of definite integrals
•    Development of Finite element methods and Finite difference methods
•    Optimization techniques for scientific problems
•    Construction of iterative methods for solving large system of linear equations.

Applied Mathematics and its Applications
•    Stability of thin-shell wormholes with different equation of states
•    Dynamics of thin-shell with massless and massive scalar fields
•    Exact solutions of compact stars by using conformal motion and Karmarker conditions
•    Solution of gravastars in different modified theories of gravity
•    Thermodynamics of black holes and phase transition
•    Numerical Study of Newtonian/Non-Newtonian fluid flow problems using similarity transformations
•    Analytical/Numerical investigation of Heat and Mass transfer in fluid flow
•    Asymptotical and Numerical Analyses of Liquid Jets
•    Symmetries and conservation laws of dynamical systems