NUML Support Fund


NUML Support Fund has been established to extend financial assistance to under privileged and needy students of the university and to contribute towards elimination of illiteracy from the country. This initiative has been supported by number of employees who generously support to the fund through donations & ‘Zakat’.

About Scholarship Provider

NUML Support Fund has been constituted by the competent authority of NUML to provide financial assistance to the under-privileged and needy students of the University.

NUML Support Fund is utilized for the the following:-

  • Financial assistance to the needy students of NUML (who belong to financially deprived families of the society and cannot afford their educational expenses)
  • Imparting education to the under privileged children from slums underCharagh e Badr’ scheme

Another noteworthy project initiated by NUML is NUML Adoption Program (NAP) in which schools are adopted and then provided with the required financial needs listed by the school management.

Every year, large number of students get facilitated through this fund which is created with the donations of university employees and other the philanthropists of the society who are eager to play their role in uplifting poor students of country.

Contributions, Donations & Zakat may be deposited in the following account:-

Account Title:  NUML Zakat Fund for Students Assistance
Account # :       0551480000049
Bank:                Askari Bank, NUML Branch


  • Students enrolled in graduate (2 years) and undergraduate (4 years) programs having good academic record but weak financial background
  • Orphans & double orphans having financial constraints

How to Apply?

Scholarship form may be downloaded from the website and must be routed through respective Deans/HODs to the Students Financial Aid Office, Room no 26, Jinnah Block.

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