Research Ethics

Journal of Research in Social Sciences (JRSS) aims to contribute in the field of research in social sciences by publishing original articles and offers a platform for submissions of research articles from authors around the world. Submission of a manuscript to JRSS implies that the work submitted has not been published before; that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere; and that if when the manuscript is accepted for publication after double blind review process the authors agree to transfer of the copyright to the publisher. The quality of submitted articles is checked through double blind reviews.

Responsibilities of JRSS Editor

  • The editor decides the processing and publication of the articles according to the scope of the Journal and is fair in the evaluation of the articles without any discrimination of gender, race or beliefs.
  • The editor is responsible for the selection and quality of the manuscripts for the Journal.
  • The editor does not disclose the information regarding the processing of the articles other than the concerned author and to reviewers or publishers if appropriate.
  • The editor keeps the material of the manuscripts confidential and is bound to share the information only with corresponding author and reviewer.
  • The editor does not use the unpublished material for personal advantage.
  • The editor ensures the timely processing at all stages of publication.
  • If any article is not meeting the criteria of JRSS at any stage of processing, the editor immediately informs the author about the rejection of the article, so that the article can be submitted to some other journal.
  • Editor’s decision about the selection of manuscript for Journal is based on relevancy with the scope, quality and interest of the reader.

Responsibilities of Authors for publishing papers in JRSS

  • Authors are ethically bound to ensure the originality of research Work. Citation of the quoted work should be clearly mentioned and to confirm that the research work is not submitted to any other Journal for publication.
  • Informs about the submitted work to which the research paper is relevant.
  • Author ensures the limitations of the study regarding the human behavior, beliefs and integrity.
  • Author ensures the permission from the entities of the research and should ensure the privacy of the information collected from the people.
  • Author clearly mentions any sort of conflict of interest, values or beliefs in his/her study.
  • Author mentions the significant and appropriate details according to the topic of the study within the latest and complete references and avoids the fraudulent statements in the submitted work. He / She follows the guidelines of Journal of Research in Social Sciences (JRSS).(
  • Author mentions the contribution of co-authors in research work and acknowledges all contributing resources and corresponding author assures the consent of all co-authors for the submission of the research work. Moreover, the corresponding author should cooperate with the editor throughout the processing of the article for fulfilling the queries and incorporating suggested observations /suggestions in manuscript after review from submission till publication.
  • Author provides the authentic information and avoids any fraudulent or inaccurate information in the research paper which is unethical.
  • The author informs the editor immediately, if he/she finds any inaccuracy or mistake in his/her research paper.
  • Author indicates the financial support (if any) for the completion of the research work. He also clearly mentions and acknowledges if research is funded by some organization.

Responsibilities of Reviewers

  • Reviewer properly assists the editor in decision making about the selection of the research paper for publication and should be self-assured about providing the constructive feedback about the manuscript without any biasness of belief or values etc.
  • Reviewer is quite clear about the scope of the Journal and keeps the documents of JRSS confidential.
  • Reviewer provides the appropriate response with logical arguments for the improvement of the manuscript and focuses on the novelty of the manuscript. He/ she should inform the editor if there is any sort of similarity to other published work according to his/her information.
  • In case the reviewer feels that he/she is unable to review the research paper due to any constraint within the given time, he/she informs the editor immediately.
  • The reviewer informs the editor if under-reviewed work has similarity to some other published research work according to their information.
  • The reviewer does not review any manuscript within the conflict of interest.
  • The reviewer destroys the material after sending the review reports to the editor and does not utilize the data for personal practice/publication etc. The reviewer provides the response with due dates to help the smooth processing of the articles
  • The reviewer expresses his views with clear supporting arguments for acceptance or the rejection of the paper. The acceptance or the rejection of the manuscript for the JRSS is purely based on the decisions of the reviewers.

The responsibility of publishing authority

  • The publishing authority of JRSS ensures that the journal is published regularly as per policy of JRSS.

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