Regional Director Message

Ex - Tariq Rahim

NUML Gwadar Campus,it is a great center of imparting knowledge through its high-quality education in the region of Gwadar since its establishment. Within the short span of its existence Gwadar Campus has achieved remarkable success and continues to forge its future with new program initiatives.

Our campus is progressing by forming harmonious and reliable relations with the region, and through strategies planned in accordance with missions and visions that prioritize academic, intellectual, social and cultural improvement of the region. We present a peaceful, comfortable and learning-centred academic environment for our students.

We are working as Sub Campus of “NUML” in order to educate independent young people with wide vision who are open to collaboration, participation, change and improvement. Our values are to respect diversity, to be fair, reliable, conciliatory, consistent, open to participation, to have social responsibility, dedication to continuous improvement and to generate value to society.

To our valuable students, we present an environment that provides your academic, professional, social, cultural and sportive progress. Our Campus, while providing its students with a quality higher education, is also a regional centre of attraction as a competent academic platform for scholars and administrative personnel who wish to work at a conducive environment.