Welcome To RSI Research & Strategic Initiatives


ORIC has been established to initiate, embed, support and integrate the process of research, innovation and commercialization in every department of the university. ORIC aims to protect and promote the interests of NUML and is working on long-term, sustainable planning and progress of all of its units in integration with the departments of the university. ORIC-NUML has identified key industries with exceptional opportunities, long-term and cutting-edge challenges.

ORIC is an office established by the university at its main campus to implement HEC’s plan of developing a research culture in Pakistani universities. The purpose of this office is to introduce and promote research culture within NUML. It also aims to develop contacts with the corporate sector/market/industry to ensure compatibility between research and requirements in order to increase its utility to the optimum. Therefore, this office facilitates, promotes, monitors, and publishes research conducted with the view to maximize both production and utility of research studies attempted in this regard