Standard Operating Procedures for NUML Research Facilitation Centre (NRFC)


Standard Operating Procedures for NUML Research Facilitation Centre


The NUML Research Facilitation Centre (NRFC) has been established under the Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization of NUML to provide auxiliary support necessary to bridge the gap between the innovative approaches to research across the disciplines of social sciences, management sciences, engineering & languages.


The NRFC extends its support to all the researchers (faculty and students) in all the disciplines of NUML.


  1. Every researcher may initiate a request made to Pro-Rector (Acad) through the respective Dean and forwarded to the Pro-Rector (R & SI) to avail the services of the NRFC.
  2. After the approval, the researcher will be allowed to use an up-to-date system with seamless internet connectivity, research-conducive environment with ergonomically sound sitting arrangements.
  3. An attendance register is maintained at the facility. Every research scholar visiting and utilizing the facility is bound to fill all the required fields in it.
  4. The center also offers supplementary research focused sessions and trainings to research scholars.

The center can assist the research scholars in awareness of the research-centric policies at NUML.