Innovation & Commercialization

Technology Commercialization - Corporate Linkages - IP Protection 

ORIC promotes the development of public-private partnerships in support of University research, links the University’s research community with the needs and priorities of the industry, develops opportunities for applied research and explores opportunities for technology transfer and commercialization of University research. The Office identifies and establishes collaborations and/or licensing agreements associated with the University’s intellectual property. It is working to enhance the culture of IP capture, including an ongoing evaluation of University research for IP potential. ORIC tracks the success of University technology in the hands of licensees and devises policy briefs.


• Promote innovation and commercialization.

• Identification of synergies, and development of relationships with external partners.

• Develop the University's IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) Policy, and ensure that the interests of researchers and faculty-members  are fully protected.

• Identify, build, and market the intellectual property of the University personnel through a range of licensing and spin-off arrangements.

What we do

• Prepare policy briefs.

• Sign agreements for collaboration with industry / government.

• Negotiate IP licensing and signing.

• Arrange visits of representatives of industry, community members regarding potential research subjects.

• Organize events for industry, entrepreneurial stimulus, community engagement and awareness.



• Devised policies and procedures.

• Published newsletter, reports, manuals and guidebooks.

• Wrote proposals.

• Made university-industry collaborations.

• Provided linkages.

• Provided Intellectual Property framework.

• Mapped University’s work according to United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

• Launched social media platforms of ORIC.


Contact Person:

Atif AbbasManager Innovation & Commercialization

Phone: +92 51 92 65 100 – Ext: 2038

E-mail id: