Chinese Department


The Chinese department of National University of Modern Languages (NUML) has a long standing history of 44 years.

On 1st September, 1970, the first regular classes began at the department. There were only two Chinese teachers in the beginning which were sent to NUML with agreement signed by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China.


At first there were only 13 students, mostly from the army.  Six months certificate course and Diploma Course were offered in the beginning. Duration of the diploma course was one year.


In 1971, the Chinese department started Diploma in Interpretership having duration of one and half years. It preceded by a one and a half year education of 1 year diploma and 6 months certificate course making the total duration of 3 years.


The Chinese Department has gradually increased its courses and degrees. From 1999 onwards, bachelor's degree and a master's degree course are being offered.

In 2003 the department opened its doors and evolved with the need of the time to offer Bachelors of Sciences in Modern Languages (BSML) in conjunction with other languages. In 2006, the Chinese department reached another level by offering the M. Phil course. Chinese department soon plans to initiate PhD course with the collaboration of the Confucius Center.


Currently Chinese Department has a total of 16 teachers; almost all teachers have a master's degree in Chinese language. There are more than one hundred and fifty students studying at the department at the moment and three students are enrolled in Masters Program. The department has produced more than 10 Masters students while the total number of students has reached more than two thousand. The Chinese Department at NUML is located at a central point of Pakistan making it accessible to all and is providing quality formal Chinese language education. Everyone at the department is highly qualified and the teachers of the Chinese Department have done graduation or masters in Chinese language and literature.

Besides routine Chinese language classes, the department  also works closely with Islamabad Confucius institute in different projects, has launched a series of cultural promotional events, teacher trainings and many other activities. The other activities include HSK exam on quarterly basis, Chinese bridge competition, Cultural events and Chinese festivals celebration, etc.

The ongoing projects of the Confucius institute also get the support of the Chinese Department.

In the Chinese department the famous saying of the Prophet Mohammed (P.B.U.H) saying is followed which is, "Seek knowledge, even if you have to go as far as to China" for imparting training and knowledge to the students, overcoming difficulties and for daily progress.

The Chinese Department at NUML aims to improve Pak-China friendship and the skill of Chinese education for spreading awareness of Chinese culture and language in the Islamic world in order to make an important contribution.


Chinese department will continue to invest huge amounts of energy, further improve the teachers' academic qualifications and teaching ability, research and develop the teaching material, impart teacher training activities and improve the teaching environment. The department will collaborate with more education institutions to provide students with better practical, study and exchange projects. Our vision is to meet the future needs of the development of Chinese projects between China and Pakistan by providing quality Chinese education. In the coming years Chinese language learning will become the core degree in Pakistan.
The Chinese department at NUML always welcomes the students who love learning Chinese language and love China. Here you can learn formal Chinese education, rapidly and effectively. This is the place where one can improve Chinese language skills. Here you can experience the profound and extensive culture of China, and also experience the beauty and richness of Chinese language. Here you can have the opportunity to attend various interesting activities. Chinese students get the chance to study in China for further education. Dear students, I hope with our hard work and efforts we can together promote friendship between the two great nations Pakistan and China.
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