A Case Study of Edhi Foundation

Principal Investigators:
Dr. Gulfam Khan Khalid

Project Department
Faculty of Management Sciences

Project Sponsor
Pakistan Manpower Institute

Project Overview: Pakistan Manpower Institute (PMI), Ministry of Education and Professional Training initiated the idea of studying Edhi Foundation as a case to evaluate its administrative model. NUML performed the role of leading implementing partner of PMI for the project. Data collection, analysis and reporting was performed under the supervision of Principal Investigator, Dr. Gulfam Khan Khalid, with the involvement of faculty members and students of almost all campuses of NUML.The success story of Edhi Foundation is visible to the world what is required is to establish a platform for stakeholders to identify the unseen facts and realities behind the success of this organization. The aims and objectives of this study were:

  • To study administrative model of Edhi Foundation and evolve a set of best practices that will ultimately bring efficiency to public and private sector organizations.
  • To bring forth the facts based on evidence of a successful social welfare organization.
  • To serve all social work volunteers and employees to learn lessons for their social and professional work endeavours.
  • To provide an opportunity to the Edhi Foundation to have a look at their own work as some aspects might have remained out of sight unintentionally.
  • To acknowledge the services of Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi and his team to humanity and Pakistan.