Drivers of Change

Principal Investigators:
Ms. Huma Rasheed

Project Department

Project Sponsor

Project Overview: Pakistan is amongst the most urbanized countries in South Asia, and is undergoing rapid motorization and increasing energy utilization. The number of vehicles in Pakistan has jumped up from two million to 10.6 million over the past 20 years i.e. an average annual growth rate of 8.5%.Because of weak public administration and planning, this has resulted in the upsurge of environmental issues including dangerously high levels of air pollution, which has become the cause of more than 20,000 deaths annually.
In order to bring the positive shift in driving behavior the project “Drivers of Change” is dedicated to lowering vehicle's carbon emissions released into the atmosphere. The main purpose of this object is to encourage people to switch to eco-friendly driving practices. It will direct a set of integrated Social and Behavioral Change (SBC) interventions primarily to the residents of Islamabad through the use of technology and social media platform.  
The components of SBC interventions included in this project are
•    Informing
•    Mobilizing 
•    Advocating
Activities covered in these interventions will primarily target drivers of public and private organizations and residents of Islamabad.

As a result of the implementation of these integrated and coalesced activities, people (primarily drivers and residents of Islamabad) will become better aware of the impact of their driving practices on the environment. They will also understand how they can reduce unnecessary car emissions and increase mileage to save on fuel costs and will develop a sense of responsibility and ownership within the community regarding the impact of their driving behavior on the environment.