ORIC Initiatives



We at NUML value continuous professional development (CPD) in all areas of teaching, research, and services. In this regard, while drawing a distinction between training and development, ORIC-NUML focused on the latter concept. Individual development implies overall improvement in a person which is not confined to only improvement in job performance, but also improvement in knowl­edge, personality, attitude, and behaviour. Executive Development Centre (EDC) was launched in June 2015 as a premier platform to enhance critical and creative thinking and foster analytical skills for effective communication and decision making by offering capacity building programs. 

EDC offers capacity building programs in two dimensions, non-commercial and commercial. Internally, the centre strengthens faculty, staff, and students of NUML through training programs/workshops. Other dimension from which the centre executes its plan is through commercial capacity building activities that focus on development programs for SMEs, development, public and corporate sector.

Trainings and workshops are designed for NUML faculty, academicians, professionals, and students to keep them abreast in their relevant fields and offer industry-specific programs to enable them apply techniques and tools in their jobs/assignments. 

EDC adopts wide range of strategies for designing and execution of capacity building programs that include but are not limited to; Training Need Assessments (TNA), Training Design, Customized Training, Training Assessments, Apprenticing, Mentorship, Counselling and Coaching, Formal Education, Capacity Building Projects, and Networking.

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Business Incubation Center of NUML (B ICON) aims at fostering the spirit of social and technological entrepreneurship and nurturing the culture of start-ups, scale-ups and spin-offs by providing entrepreneurial eco-system to students of NUML in particular and youth in general. The Center provides platform to faculty members, students, staff and alumni of NUML and to students/alumni of other HEIs to incubate their ideas and channelize their potential to transform opportunity into success.

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National Academy of Corporate Social Responsibility (NACSR) is an academic platform to increase knowledge of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by doing research, provide CSR solutions to industry and awareness to community in this domain. The academy aims to:

  • Develop CSR Index and CSR Code of Conduct for industry.
  • Provide CSR Reporting, Auditing and Consultancy services.
  • Publish journal of CSR.
  • Do capacity building of fellows from academia and industry.
  • Promote dialogue on CSR among social activists, academicians and industrialists.
  • Develop virtual social network.

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Standard Operating Procedures for NUML Research Facilitation Centre (NRFC)


Standard Operating Procedures for NUML Research Facilitation Centre


The NUML Research Facilitation Centre (NRFC) has been established under the Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization of NUML to provide auxiliary support necessary to bridge the gap between the innovative approaches to research across the disciplines of social sciences, management sciences, engineering & languages.


The NRFC extends its support to all the researchers (faculty and students) in all the disciplines of NUML.


  1. Every researcher may initiate a request made to Pro-Rector (Acad) through the respective Dean and forwarded to the Pro-Rector (R & SI) to avail the services of the NRFC.
  2. After the approval, the researcher will be allowed to use an up-to-date system with seamless internet connectivity, research-conducive environment with ergonomically sound sitting arrangements.
  3. An attendance register is maintained at the facility. Every research scholar visiting and utilizing the facility is bound to fill all the required fields in it.
  4. The center also offers supplementary research focused sessions and trainings to research scholars.

The center can assist the research scholars in awareness of the research-centric policies at NUML.

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Industry Technology Cell – ORIC NUML (ITCON) was established in August 2016 to enhance the academic and software development skills of the students during their degrees. It also helps to transform research and ideas of students, faculty and/or staff into commercially viable products.

In ITCON, students join to learn and then develop projects / modules in variety of state-of-the-art tools and technologies. Students are encouraged to come for internship to enhance their designing and software development skills as per availability of time after classes. In collaboration with software companies, we also work for commercial projects from the software industry and other organizations. Students may avail the stipend as per development efforts in respective projects. These development skills improve the student capabilities during the degree. It enhances the opportunities for job or new own startups with business ideas.


Main Objectives

  • Enhance Professional Software Development Capabilities of Students
  • Transform IT based ideas of NUML faculty, staff, and students into commercially viable products
  • Facilitate NUML students, alumni, faculty and employees to support in commercial tasks and technology transfer
  • Improve Academic Courses with State-of-the-art Tools and Technologies
  • Develop the in-house and outsourced project modules by involving students
  • Reduce Industry-Academia Gap by enhancing skills on latest tools and Technologies
  • Facilitate students in getting job at Software Industry


Expected Benefits

  • Professional Grooming of Students and Better Job Opportunities
  • Collaboration among students of FECS, FMS, MassCom and English Departments
  • Promotes innovation and transform it into commercially viable products
  • Earning opportunities for Internees
  • Generating Income to manage Marketing Costs for our Products and Consultancy Charges


Software Tools:

  • Android
  • Python
  • PHP, Laravel
  • C# / ASP.net
  • Graphic Designing
  • Front-end Development (including Angular, REACT)


A list of prominent projects at ITCON from July 2019 – Feb 2020 are listed as follows;





Android Mobile based Dynamic Task Allocation System



Android based Health System



Online Translation Requests and Online Payment System



Charts for Android Mobiles



Charts for Heath Device



E-Commerce Web App – Android App



Laravel App for Backend



3D Modeling for Objects



Design Flyers and Promotions



Android App using Retrofit

Fantisco Technologies


Designs of flyers and Animation of theme



Android App for Access Control and Record Management

Fantisco Technologies


Designs of promotional materials

Engineering for Kids


Logo Designs, Flyers and promos



QEC Software for Teachers’ Evaluations



Event Care Management System



Publication Honorarium System



Evaluator Selection System



Development Authority’s Vehicle Management System

Client at Germany / CHI


Construction Projects Management



Biometric System for Offices




ITCON Centre: Room no 21, First floor, Salam Block, NUML, Islamabad.

Head ITCON Office: Room no 19, First floor, Salam Block, NUML, Islamabad.



Morning:  08:00 am - 06:45 pm



Phone:  92-51-9265100 ext 2039

Email:  head-itcon@oric.numl.edu.pk

Cell: 0333-5208803 (Dr. Ata Ullah, Head-ITCON)

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Vision of NUML Alumni Club (NAC) is to do following:
•    Develop and expand network of alumni.
•    Develop and strengthen sense of affiliation between alumni and the university by engaging them in social, cultural and academic activities.
•    Form a group of potential mentors for grooming and guidance of students.
•    Gaining requisite assistance and support from alumni for students to make them active and useful part of the society.
•    To foster relations with other societies and clubs of other universities.

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NUML Career Development and Placement Services (NCDPS) is a collaborative effort of ORIC and other departments where career counselors (from different departments) guide students in choosing relevant disciplines and careers. NCDPS provides counseling, trainings and placement services to the students; this unit does following: 
a)    Provides tailored career counseling against each students’ interests and future plans keeping in view his/her abilities, skills and talent. 
b)    Assists students to identify their interest and abilities to help them select a discipline/career.
c)    Provides services to assist students/graduates in solving their academic problems and social issues. 
d)    Organizes trainings, workshops and seminars on career and occupational information, study habits and personal-social traits for student’s grooming. 
e)    Identifies barriers in a student’s academic and career growth and proposes solution.
f)    Recognizes the potential of students for research, trainings and/or community services.

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NUML Writing Resource Center (NWRC) helps faculty and students of the university in research writing. Center is committed to strategize its policy in such a way that maximizes its efficiency in achieving its goals. It provides mentorship to all senior students and holds NWRC professional development events. NWRC has a fundamental obligation to
•    Register all M.Phil./Ph.D. researchers to help them utilize the facilities.
•    Facilitate all researchers at NWRC on appointment basis. 
•    Collect formats of thesis, project reports, technical reports etc. followed in different faculties and departments and makes them available at the center to facilitate researchers and to enrich NWRC resources.

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NUML Consulting works to apply for research funding, integrating research at all levels of the university, and translating research into public benefit by advocating commercialization activities. Unit was established to facilitate faculty members in applying and executing consultancy projects of funding agencies. 
Faculty is encouraged to initiate R&D projects in collaboration with local as well as foreign R&D organizations; projects of faculty members done for national development and technology transfer are considered for commercialization.

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