The NUML Research Facilitation Center (NRFC) has been established under the Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization of NUML to provide auxiliary support necessary to bridge the gap between the innovative approaches to research across the disciplines of social sciences, management sciences, engineering & languages. The center is performing a number of functions which aim to assist and guide researchers both from the faculty as well as the students to conduct purposeful research. 
The research mentorship programme within the center aims to link subject experts with research scholars to guide them in mapping their research thesis. Services under NRFC offers supplementary research focused sessions and trainings to research scholars.
NUML Research Facilitation Center (NRFC) does following to facilitate faculty members:
•    Gives trainings to research scholars (during the semester).
•    Capacity building of faculty members and supervisors.
•    Develops research links with other higher education institutes.