We at NUML value continuous professional development (CPD) in all areas of teaching, research, and services. In this regard, while drawing a distinction between training and development, ORIC-NUML focused on the latter concept. Individual development implies overall improvement in a person which is not confined to only improvement in job performance, but also improvement in knowl­edge, personality, attitude, and behaviour. Executive Development Centre (EDC) was launched in June 2015 as a premier platform to enhance critical and creative thinking and foster analytical skills for effective communication and decision making by offering capacity building programs. 

EDC offers capacity building programs in two dimensions, non-commercial and commercial. Internally, the centre strengthens faculty, staff, and students of NUML through training programs/workshops. Other dimension from which the centre executes its plan is through commercial capacity building activities that focus on development programs for SMEs, development, public and corporate sector.

Trainings and workshops are designed for NUML faculty, academicians, professionals, and students to keep them abreast in their relevant fields and offer industry-specific programs to enable them apply techniques and tools in their jobs/assignments. 

EDC adopts wide range of strategies for designing and execution of capacity building programs that include but are not limited to; Training Need Assessments (TNA), Training Design, Customized Training, Training Assessments, Apprenticing, Mentorship, Counselling and Coaching, Formal Education, Capacity Building Projects, and Networking.