Exam Office

Aim:  To spell out explicit procedures for the smooth functioning and transparency of all examinations being conducted by the National University of Modern Languages inclusive of all Regional Campuses and Affiliated Colleges.

Objectives: The main objectives are as follows:-

          a.       To make it vivid and comprehensible for all individuals concerned.

            b.       To eliminate ambiguities.

c.       To define clearly the terms associated with conduct of examinations and assessment of students.

d.       To identify clearly the duties of different persons concerned with examinations

e.       To ensure a uniform pattern for developing question papers.

f.        To identify student obligations.

g.       To devise appropriate mechanism for rooms, provision of furniture and layout of seating plan.

h.       To lay down procedures for dispatch of question papers and submission of answer scripts.

i.        To standardize and streamline the marking of answer scripts and evaluation of students.

j.        To ensure secrecy of question papers, answer scripts and award lists.

k.       To define SOPs regarding result announcement, student queries regarding result and rechecking of papers.



Bashir Ahmad

Transparent system of examinations ensures quality education in educational institutions. The exam branch in collaboration with the Faculties/Deptts contributes to manage the examination procedures adhering to the rules and regulations to extend its cooperation to the university students for timely issuance of documents of their achievements.


Procedures Exam Branch

Following guidelines are offered for students for Examination Branch at National University of Modern Languages.

Issuance Of Result Cards, Detail Marks Sheets & Degrees

  • Receipt of application forms
  • Checking of documents and eligibility of the students
  • Compiling the semesters results
  • Calculation of final CGPA
  • Result Card and DMCs are singed by Director Exams
  • Degrees are approved / signed by the Rector

Verification Of Documents

  • Receipt of applications from the students and letters from the employers of university graduates
  • Verification of the marks with the record by the concerned official
  • Checking of the record by the concerned officer
  • Issuance of verification letter


Updated Fee Structure

a.      Degree Fee                                                                       Rs. 2000/-

b.      DMC / Transcript Fee                                                       Rs. 1000/-

c.       Result Card Fee                                                                 Rs. 500/-

d.      Verification of Original Document                                   Rs.500/- per document

e.      Verification of photocopy of Document                           Rs.400/- per copy


Note: Issuance of Duplicate (Degree / DMC) double fee will be charged.

Staff Profile
NameDesignationNameEmail ID 
Mr. Bashir AhmadDirectorbahmad@numl.edu.pkView Profile
Mr. Naveed AshrafDeputy Directornashraf@numl.edu.pkView Profile
Mr. Nisar AhmedAssistant Directornsahmad@numl.edu.pkView Profile
Mr. Nasir MehmoodAssistant Directornasirmahmood_76@yahoo.comView Profile
Tariq Nazir Ch.Assistant Directortariqchaudhary101@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Zahid KhanSuperintendentexams@numl.edu.pkView Profile
Mr. Asjid NazirSuperintendentasjad.suba.nazir@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Farrukh HassanSuperintendentexams@numl.edu.pkView Profile
Mr. Haider AliAssistanthaider.ale@numl.edu.pkView Profile
Mr Saeed ur RehmanAssistantsaeedrwp0@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Adeel AhmadAssistantamahmed@numl.edu.pkView Profile
Mr. Muhammad Hashim KhanComputer Assistanthashimkhan@numl.edu.pkView Profile
Mr. Shahzad GhafoorUDCsghafoor@numl.edu.pkView Profile
Mr. Aamir ShahzadUDCashehzad@numl.edu.pkView Profile
Mr. Muhammad SirajUDCmuhammadsiraj1175@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Zubair KhalidUDCzkhalid@numl.edu.pkView Profile
Mr. Saqib AliLDCsaqibrajaa885@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Qamar ShahzadLDCexams@numl.edu.pkView Profile
Mr. Ikram HussainLDCikramhussainch@gmail.comView Profile
Mr. Bilal AhmedLDCabilal@numl.edu.pkView Profile
Mr. Muhammad AttiqueLDCm.attiq93@yahoo.comView Profile
Mr. Tassawar HussainLDCexams@numl.edu.pkView Profile

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