Committees Introductions

1.United Nations Security Council/UNSC
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Topic A: US-NATO Draw down from Afganistan in 2014 and the future prospects.
Topic B: US-IRAN nuclear reproach.
2.Disarmament and International Security Committee/UNDISEC

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Topic A:Nuclearization of South Asia: Regional stability and International Security.
Topic B: Foreign military bases in Central Asia: Regional implications.
3.Social,Cultural & Humanitarian Committee/SOCHUM

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Topic A: Human Rights violation in Palestine: International Responses.
Topic B: Recognition of women rights over the globe
4.Economic and Financial Committee/ECOFIN

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Topic A: Globalization and its impact on developing states.
Topic B: Trade as foreign policy tool.
5. Special Political and De-colonization Committee/SPECPOL

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Topic A: Chechnya’s struggle for independence and its impact on Russia.
Topic B: The rights of self determination in Kashmir.