Objectives of IT-CON

i To help to transform research and ideas of NUML faculty, staff, and students into commercially viable products.
ii. Establish Information Technology Cell in ORIC, NUML.
iii. Provide technology, services & support to Business, Industry and educational sector.
iv. Provides opportunities to alumni to apply classroom knowledge in a “real world” professional environment.

Management Structure (IT-CON board)

1. Director, ORIC Chairman
2. Dean FE & CS Member
3. Director IT Member
4. Manager Industrial Linkages Coordinator

Participants of the program

i. Faculty members
ii. Employees of NUML
iii. Students/Alumni as Internees

Functions of IT-CON

i. Facilitate NUML alumni, faculty and employees to support Business and Industry to achieve their goals by providing services & solutions and by technology transfer.
ii. Promote Innovation and transform it into commercially viable products.
iii. Provision of Internees to faculty and staff for startups.
iv. Monitor & evaluate progress of Interns

Implementation plan of IT-CON

i. Establishment of IT-CON in ORIC, NUML
ii. IT-CON shall develop IT students Database to identify their skill set.
iii. ORIC shall coordinate with IT Faculty & IT department for identification of potential projects to support.
iv. For the identified potential projects ORIC shall arrange Interns to work on the project for a period of one year.
v. Initiate IT projects and utilize Interns, to develop, commercially viable products.
vi. NUML shall provide funding for at least ten (10) Interns/year for a period of two years. Each Intern shall be provided Rs. 10,000/month stipend for a period of one year.
vii. All matters of IT-CON shall be decided by the IT-CON Management Committee
viii. Interns shall also be funded from the IT-CON’s earning.
ix. Business/Industry funding
x. All SOP’s and policies regarding the cell shall be approved by the Committee mentioned in this working paper.
xi. Model

How to Apply for IT-CON program (Role of project owner)

Faculty members / Employees / Students & Alumni (project owner) shall identify potential commercial Business & Industry projects for product development / services / ICT Services & ICT Consultancy. Project Owner shall be able to download the form from the NUML website and shall submit filled form to ORIC.
The project owner shall be responsible for the success of the project for the purpose he shall chose the right team and tools. He shall be responsible for proper conduct of his team and expert (local or from open market) which he may recruit for the project.

Evaluation of form by ORIC

The application form shall be evaluated by the ORIC and after approval it shall be presented in the meeting of the IT-CON board for the approval of the project. ORIC shall monitor the project and shall be responsible for provision of the sitting place

Interns’ selection for the project

After approval of the project by the board; owner of the project shall start the requisition of interns according to the skilled required for the project. For the purpose he shall request relevant department to nominate suitable candidates for his project or request the department to advertise on their notice board for a specific skill set to recruit interns. Project owner shall conduct interviews of the shortlisted candidates and shall inform ORIC for the recruitment of the selected candidates. ORIC shall inform Dean FE & CS for recommendation. On the recommendation approval shall be taken from Rector to offer Contract to selected candidates for recruitment as interns for period not exceeding one year. The contact shall be forwarded to admin for further processing. In case the owner of the project feels that the duration of the project need to be extended beyond initial period of one year. He shall request to the IT-CON board for the extension, in case of approval ORIC shall extend the interns contact period. On the completion of the recruitment process of Interns the project owner shall sign IT- CON agreement with ORIC.

Role of NUML

NUML shall provide funding for at least ten (10) Interns/year for a period of two years. Each Intern shall be provided Rs. 10,000/month stipend for a period of one year.


i. ICT Services
ii. ICT Consultancy
iii. ICT Projects
iv. Business & Industry projects & services