Requirement / Eligibility Criteria for MS, M Phil & PhD Programs at NUML, Islamabad

Eligibility Criteria

The criterion for admission is determined by the University itself. Nevertheless, when University Grants Commission that is UGC became Higher Education Commission that is HEC in 2002, the criterion for admission and scheme of studies was given by HEC to all public and private sector universities for strict compliance. HEC has been sending directives off and on to universities across the country that need to be implemented. Nevertheless, it also allows the universities to set their own criterion also for award of degree.

  • • Till 2004, students were enrolled either in MPhil or in PhD
  • • In 2005, HEC launched the MS / M Phil leading to PhD program and provided a Flow Chart to facilitate universities for award of degrees.
  • • In 2007, HEC introduced a separate MS program in Economics, English and Management Sciences for which the criteria was slightly relaxed. The syllabus was designed by HEC. The requirement was submission of a project instead of a thesis and duration is 1 ½ years.
  • •In 2008, HEC issued another directive for students enrolled in MS/M Phil/PhD from August 2005:
    1. 1. MS/M Phil: clearing GAT General with at least 50% score.
    2. 2. PhD: securing at least 3.0 CGPA in M Phil.
    3. 3. Clearing International GRE (Graduate Record Examination) with at least 60% score.
    4. Clearing university devised GAT subject (in disciplines in which it is not offered by NTS) with at least 70% score.
  • • Since 2010, clearing the tests prior to admission has become mandatory.
  • • In addition to this, the university also sets its own criteria like percentage of marks in Masters, clearing Entrance Test/Interview etc.
  • • Since Jan 2011 NUML has stopped the MPhil leading to PhD program. This was done in consultation with HEC and after weighing the pros and cons of the program.

HEC’s conditions to start the program

In 2010 HEC issued the following directive:
• There should be at least two (02) permanent PhD holders to start M Phil program in a discipline.
• There should be at least three (03) permanent PhD holders to start PhD program in a discipline.
However, considering the unique nature of NUML exemption has been given by HEC to NUML in case of rare languages such as Chinese, French, German, Hindi and Russian where even one PhD is not so easy to find.

NUML Criteria

We keep revising our criteria for admission in line with HEC’s revised policies and also with a view to ensuring more standardization and internationalization of our program. The updated criteria is as under:


• At least 50% marks in Masters (Annual system); 65% marks in Semester system.
• NTS or NUML GAT (General) score as prescribed by HEC.
• Clearing interview.


• At least 3.0 CGPA in MPhil.
• MPhil degree with research.
• NTS or NUML GAT (Subject) or International GRE score as prescribed by HEC.

Schedule of Courses/ Semesters

Admissions may be advertised twice a year. Each semester is of 18 weeks duration. Minimum 18 classes per module per semester are the basic requirement of the course. Spring semester is from February to July while the fall semester is from September to January. Classes normally start on 1st Monday of the 1st week of each semester. They end after completion of 18 credit hours for each module. Students may be given a week off before the start of exams.


• PhD is a 4-7 year program while MPhil is a 2-4 year program.


• MPhil and PhD is a full time program with mandatory coursework as advised by HEC. Seminars are a regular feature of the program.